Achievement Tests for Homeschools

At this, the end of our 34th year, we are closing down our testing program. Both the CAT6 and CTBS sections are no longer set to process orders. 

OTHER ITEMS, on the other hand, is still up and running so you can pay late fees, bubbing in book charges, overlooked return postage and Rapid Response Scoring. You can also order diplomas. 

Helping homeschool friends test since 1990

If you need to test your students, you need Bayside! Some of the great things our customers say:

* Thank you, Donny & Sandy. I appreciate another good year of testing with you!

* Thank You for not just your affordable and reliable services over all these years but your steadfast commitment and dedication...wait a minute, maybe that's the same thing... Well, calling me up concerning this matter was the proof of your caring attitude about us (homeschoolers) so bless you!!

* This is the last time I will need your services; thank you for 10 + years of uncomplicated testing.

* Thank you. I am so grateful that I found you on the internet. I am thankful that I can use the different grade levels in there. Such a blessing to use for my special needs son. To God be the glory. Have a blessed day.

We love our customers and they love us!!

Donny & Sandy's Homeschool Adventure

Donny & Sandy

Bayside grew out of our personal experiences. In 1988 we nervously jumped into homeschooling when our two oldest, Emily and Donald, went away to UNCCH and the North Carolina School of Science and Math, respectively.

Actually, Donny was nervous but supportive, while Sandy was confident. We had been parochial and traditional school faithful, but the local elementary school was distant geographically and merely adequate academically, so we took the plunge and followed Sandy's dream to teach the boys at home.

Stephen, then nine years old, summed up their feelings to his next younger brother. "Andrew, we are going to go to school and then come home and Mom will teach us!" He could not believe they would not have to "go" to school again. Surprise!

Both excelled, graduated, and together attended College of the Albemarle, our closest community college, for two years (Andrew for three because he wanted to take more courses). They transferred to UNCCH, following the lead of both older siblings. At Carolina each received unrequested scholarships and Andrew was tapped for Phi Beta Kappa as a junior.

Last on our roster was homeschooled from birth Lewis, who in 2000 made the choice of public school for his three high school years so he could play basketball. This time it was Sandy who was nervous, but she had underestimated the great foundation her teaching had laid. Lewis thrived and, among many honors, was nominated as Manteo High's Morehead Scholarship candidate. Although he was not selected by the committee, UNCCH did, and he both attended and graduated. 

Our five great kids, all of them Carolina graduates. And three from a homeschool education. It works!